01. Chemeliil -the army worm  02. Chepkiimyet -the carpenter ant 03. Chepkoitaapma -the praying mantis 04. Chepng'ing'iin -the wasp 05. Cheptaapmama -the millipede  06. Cheepuutyet -the hairy caterpillar  07. Isiryaat -the louse  08. Kalyaang'aat -the housefly  09. Kanyiitweet -the earthworm 10. Kerpesyeet -the tick 11. Kimityaat -the flea  12. Kipkepeper -the crab 13. Kipreng'endet -the locust  14. Kiprorogeet -the spider 15. Kipsiririit -the cricket  16. Kiptoolookoong' -the carpenter bee  17. Kiptoruruut -the beetle 18. Kololyoot -the bedbug  19. Kong'aiyaat -the rain ant/flying termite 20. Kuutyet -the hairless caterpillar  21. Leelmwaiyaat -the european fire ant  22. Luulusyoot -the stingless bee  23. Melmeldo -the stinging caterpillar  24. Mpulukyoot -the jigger  25. Meng'weet -the firefly  26. Ng'eendiniaat -the maggot  27. Piinaakyaat -the nit  28. Piireechoot -the common fire ant 29. Puutiik -the mites 30. Pusaiyet -the centipede  31. Sagamyaat


1. Raigootiit -the marabou stork 2. Tang'any-kwoony -the secretary bird 3. Cheepchuupo -the starling bird 4. Tergekyaat -the guinea fowl 5. *Soorooryet/cheptugeet -the dove 6. Suguruut -the owl 7. Sang'kiit -the vulture 8. Chepogilkil -the turkey 9. Ng'kokcheet -the chicken 10. Chepokipapaa -the ibis 11. Kong'oonyoot -the crane 12. Chepisakyaat -the weaver bird 13. Kipkon'goniet -the woodpecker 14. Kipkoosiitweet -the mousebird 15. Kipkosyeet -the honeyguide 16. Riryaat -the red-billed oxpecker 17. Chepkung'kurweet -the pied crow 18. Chepkoropit -the yellow-vented bulbul 19. Cherepesit -the nightjar 20. Hang'ang'eet -the hornbill 21. Tetee -the nightingale 22. Chemermeru - the swahili sparrow 23. *Chesiipiit - the Humming bird 24. Keereet - the kite 25. Chesiirereet - the hawk 26. Chepkogosyoot - the eagle 27. Chepkuikui - the skylark 28. Chepowiirit - the killdeer 29. Keek -the lilac- b

Names of personalities based on social roles amongst Kalenjins

Judges - kipsarurinik kiruogik-chiefs chemosian-girl circumcisor boiyondet-male circumcisor chepkutiat-soloist tienindet-singer meiwot-worker kimonjororiat-prisoner kipsogorindet-spy bunotiot-alien person motellin-expert ngomut-traditional brain surgeon kipkoroisi/ ngetet-uncircumcised boy bcos of presence of prepuce/foreskin on his genital equivalent 2 hat boiyotab komta/kibisho-initiation chief priest.....testai


Teta Plural:Tuga Other forms of the word:tany,tich (singular,plural respectively). Meaning: 1. Teta-Cow, universal name, for both male and female. A male cow is called 'kirgit' if it is not castrated or 'eito' if it is. Plural is 'kirugik' and 'eik' respectively. 2. Teta- A valuable. Anything valuable to a kalenjin is a cow. Be it an electronic, a vehicle, a piece of land or even a woman. Especially a woman who is not legally someone's. A beautiful woman passes by and a Kalenjin man would ask another, 'bo ng'o tanyi?' i.e 'whose cow is this'.(For the benefit of modern day slayqueens, don't be offended if you are called a cow. On the contrary, feel proud). Of you encroach a Kalenjin man's land, he will ask you ,"why are you joking with my cows?'. A kalenjin parent will rebuke their child who has failed in exams as having wasted their cows. 3. Teta. Wages. To a very large extent, wages in Kalenjin land is mea

Traditional medicines amongst Kalenjins

1. chebindorwet/legetetiot - mogongenik/tungoek ( arthritis and coughs) 2. kulelwet - treat coughs and headaches/tongoek ak metit 3. chesamisiet - chebo kit kit ....tungoegab lagok/treat children coughs 4. kimonchongwet/ngechebchat - muguleldo/heart diseases. Chew and swallow 5. loplopitiet-  Extract the juice to treat the ear diseases 6. kunmandet - moet ne sirgichet. moet ne mo sobe/ treating wounds that are difficult to heal 7. soget plus manget- tungoek/and spray snake bites and snake puff 8. sagawaita - tungoek/coughs 9. Bongongenik/sugumeriet - chew seeds to clean stomach parasites/deworming 10. Bobat nemongu en tegek keguren Bundet - treats children with stomach pains. You boil it an give it to the young ones of 1 to 6 months old children 11. kwom tebengwo/silibwet - treat pregnant women/kidney diseases 12. chegab sigiriet - treat chest pains
Dowry payment among the Kalenjin:- Teta ne abai (cow under lactation) this signifies procreation to the new family Eito ne iyumi tuga (Oxen) Teta nebo riyotet/ne kotot (Cow near to conceive)   Roriat (Heifer)   Teta ne iyumi nego/iywoget (mature cow)   Kwesta/Kipkugeret (he goat for father)   Kechiriet/Chepkugeret (Sheep for mother)   Chepngabait/Roriat (token for upkeep especially during childhood)   Kechiriet nebo arwet (for mother in law so as to allow son in law call her Boger alternatively Goat with lamb for mother in law so as to allow son in law call her Bogine   Mwaita   Chepletiot-Normally mature heifer where the son in law will later take back the calf.Normally Chepletiot is not commonly paid but in a situation where the husband quarrels with his wife to the point where she goes to her real fathers home and the mistake emenates from the husband the husband was compelled to pay chepletiot.   Nyoetab kaat(normally if the couple elopes without the consent of their

Different time in a day as per Kalenjin

1. The night -këmöut 2. The dawn -ëgönet 3. The morning twilight -körirönet 4. The sunrise -chorünet 5. The daytime -pëtüt 6. The sunset -chimildöet 7. The evening twilight -lang'atüt 8. The dusk -imenët